[Pics] Hwanhee’s ehm…sexy pics…

OK…it’s embarassing for me to look at one/two of the pics because ehm…these are from his underwear ads… eh…got it – U-N-D-E-R-W-E-A-R!  ><

initially, I want to title this post as … “Hwanhee’s porn” but that might make my post/blog in hot waters as I dont want unnecessary lurkers (porn-searchers?) to come browsing in O_O

Oh…did any of you watched Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate show on 5th Sept ?  Gosh, Im so in love with that episode because it has Wheesung and Hwanhee and their super collaboration!! Im trying to extract the audio version of it so I can listen to it all the time ^^

AH….the porn pics after the break…

He will go to Japan in October (end of the month, I think) to have a solo concert.

Which one that make you drool the most?

Source: mydaily / SINA / DAZED / pictures re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


9 thoughts on “[Pics] Hwanhee’s ehm…sexy pics…

  1. errr … i just scrolled down as fast as i can … heh heh … i swear! i’m not a ‘fan’ of FTTS, but i do love a few of their songs especially the ones in Fashion 70’s OST. Hwan Hee is my favourite of the two … cos i think his voice is great but i just can’t get over my disappointment that he chose to look the way he is now. i love his natural look … i think he was waaaay handsomer.

  2. LOL…why…he still looks good la…he only changed his face (yes?) but his body I think remained the same before the surgery…just that I kinda sad that FTTS broke up… 😦

    talking about that Fashion 70’s song…this reminded me of that chat with Kim Jung Eun on that 5th Sep show…I think (there’s no subtitles), so Im guessing, that KJE wanted wheesung to show his HwanHee’s singing impersonation, in front of the actual person! So he sang that song and HwanHee’s stopped him immediately…because he was to sing that song later in his own performance! and wheesung didnt know! 🙂

  3. heh heh … i was talking about his face/look. he’s still handsome but i prefer the way he looked before his surgery. as for the body … i don’t really appreciate too much exposure of a man’s body, however sexy or well-toned the body is. i prefer to have just a small dose of it once in a while (that’s one of the reasons i can’t stand 2PM, Rain and some of those new boy-bands who keep on stripping and flashing their bodies in their performances etc).

    yeah … i’ve downloaded their performances on Chocolate which is really great. i wish to see Kim Bum Soo and Park Hyo Shin coming together on Chocolate of Sketchbook and sing one another’s songs. they once did that and each one of them sounded amazing singing the other’s song.

  4. so do you prefer flower boys over beastly man? 🙂 I’ll take them both – pretty greedy huh?

    Im recently has a “crush”, if you can say so (roll eyes myself!), on a flower boy – more to cutie pie – after watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal. ^_^ he’s so cute and pretty, Im so devastated when he’s not featured as heavily in the recent episodes, compared to the first one 😦 (guess who?)

    I never remembered watching PHS and KBS together in Chocolate – when was that? Maybe can search via youtube.

    Back to HH – why he’s so tan ? went to the beach? or tanning salon – do you know?

  5. naaah … it’s not that i prefer flower boys to beastly men. i think a man doesn’t have to always rip his shirt or show off his six pack to be manly, beastly or sexy. a man who always does that bores me. flower boys are okay, if they are pretty in the face but not effeminite or looking girly. i love the FT Island boys … Hong Ki and Jong Hun can be considered flower boys cos they are just toooooo pweeeetttty. i also love Jong Hyun of CN Blue. mmm … i find some of the Korean flower boys are too girly for my taste as opposed to the Japanese ones. do you know the actor Masaki Okada? he’s really pretty (he looks a lot like CN Blue’s Jong Hyun) but he’s anything but girly. a good actor too.

    i haven’t watched SS yet but i think i will soon cos of Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. your crush … could it be Song Joong Ki??

    the duet between PHS and KBS is not in Chocolate. it’s a long time ago when KBS’s Bogoshipta was a hit at the time.

    as for HH, i think most probably he went to a tanning salon … dark Korean men are not common rite? as far as i can remember, only a handful of them (actors) are dark-skinned or rather having darker skin than usual like Lee Byung Hun and Cha Seung Won.

  6. uh .. i’ve just read an article about the 18th IcheonChunsa Film Fest. the film Moss won Daesang and Uhm Jung Hwa and Sol Kyung Goo won best actress and best actor respectively. i love Uhm in Bestseller … she is a better actor than a singer. i’ve also watched Sol’s No Mercy … without sub. i need to rewatch it again with sub to fully understand it though.

    Into the Fire won a Jury Prize but i am kinda sad that TOP was not even nominated in the Best New Actor category. i hope he will be so in other movie awards and festivals end of this year.

    • Haha..the only one in FT Island that I recognised is Lee Hong Ki. I just saw the latest MBank (the full show) – his has changed his hairstyle (finally?) and …err..o_O why similar to wheesung’s new hairstyle (forehead part) ? Not just that Park Hyo Shin is also spotting similar forehead hairstyle -___- . Anyway, back to the topic – yes, I also think Hong Ki belongs to the flower boys. And yes to your answer, it’s Song Joong Ki – that’s the reason I go and download the full show le 😛 . Due to him, Im now watching OB and Gynaecology drama 🙂

      Masaki Okada…hmm…I think I only who is it – he’s the senpai who explains things to Horikita Maki in Hana Kimi. I only watched him act in that drama, no more. His looks – hmm, maybe it is the drama >< too many pretty boys there – doesnt look "flowery" to me.

      Japanese flower boys- hmm, who do I think of? err…no one o_O

      Im crossing fingers that we may be able to see KBS + PHS in Chocolate because Kim Bum Soo will release Vol 7 soon…

      18th IncheonChunsa Film Fest…this is the first time I heard about it…lol, I dont know a lot of FF in Korea…only paying attention to the upcoming Pusan FF

  7. The former face/hairstyle is that of the young pop idol old.Hwanhee’s face/hairstyle now is one of an adult embarked on his solo career. But his soulful and spiritual voice remains and his dance moves suits the image. He can look dashing but tough . Clean cut and business like just pure talent.

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