Troubleshooter debut at No. 1 at B.O.

The top 5 Korean Weekly B.O. from 10th Sep to 12th Sep:

(Film Title) – (3 days admission) – Number of screens

  1. Troubleshooter (new movie) – 540,239 – 611
  2. The Borrowers (JAPAN; new movie) – 397,714 – 430
  3. Ahjussi (The Man From Nowhere) – 227,563 – 438
  4. Cyrano Agency (new) – 51,217 – 261
  5. Bedevilled – 50,857 – 146


As previously reported, Ahjussi did fell to 3rd place (**sob**sob**) but it has now surpassed “Secret Reunion (Sworn Brothers) as the #1 ranked Korean films in total admissions at 5,558,167. However, it will need another 282, 618++ to surpass “Inception” as the #1 ranked films (all countries) in S.Korea in total admissions.  Well, “Mu Juk Ja” will open this week and “Troubleshooter” has debuted strongly so Im not too sure if Ahjussi can still keep up the momentum (**crossing fingers**).

The new Japanese movie, “The Borrowers”, is actually the new Ghibli Studio anime movie, “Karigurashi no Arietti”. I think “The Borrowers” is the English title (?).

“Inception” is still in the Top 10 at #7 (41,390 for 3-day admissions at a total of 5,840,785). Last week #2 “Killers” dropped to #8. #4 “I Saw The Devil” has dropped to #9. #5 “The Last Airbender” has also dropped to #10.

“Cyrano Agency”, which will only officially open wide this week, has a limited release last week and it ranked at #4 (shocked!). There’s also an unnamed Korean film at #6. So if anyone know, please tell me, thanks.



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