Ahjussi is 5th week as #1

The top 5 Korean Weekly B.O. from 3rd Sep to 5th Sep:

(Film Title) – (3 days admission) – Number of screens

  1. Ahjussi (aka The Man From Nowhere) – 368,716 – 474
  2. Killers (new US movie this week) – 175,041 – 332
  3. Inception (US) – 95,627 – 268
  4. I Saw The Devil – 91,091 – 308
  5. The Last Airbender (US) – 84,520 – 279


“Ahjussi” have now earned a total of 5,135,287 admissions, still ranked #3 overall for this year.  If it maintains the current momentum for another week, it will surpass “Secret Reunion”.  The film has an increase of 24 screens, compared to its 4th week (450 screens).

“I Saw The Devil” remained at 4th place but admission have fell quite drastically, IMO. Last week, the movie had 162,626 admissions for 343 screenings.

New entry into Top 5 is “Killers” at #2 while “Inception” made a comeback to Top 5 after one week’s absence (last week, it was at #6).  “The Last Airbender” fell to #5 from #2.  “Inception”, the #1 total admissions film this year, have now accumulated 5,761,012 admissions.

Last week’s #3 “Piranha 3D” fell to sixth place and #5 “Predators” fell to 10th place.

There are 2 other new entries this week – Mulan (China) at #7 and “After Life” (US) at #8.  There is another film entry at #9 – “Bedevilled”, a South Korean film, but the stats didnt show any Release Date… ?



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