[Pics] So Ji Sup in High Cut mag

Photoshoot from High Cut magazine, in black and white.

He actually shot these pictures way back on 9th July, a few days after Park Yong Ha’s death.  When Park Yong Ha passed away, he actually cancelled all his commitments except this one (High Cut mag photoshoot) as he has made a promise to the magazine earlier.

He requested that High Cut only published the pictures after 49 days of Park Yong Ha’s death, out of respect for PYH.

The tattoo on his arm was done by a professional tatto and needed 2 hours to paint on it.  It was reported that SJS didnt say a thing or smile during the photoshoot.

Source: mydaily / SINA / english summary translation by fangorn @ reikarakuen.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “[Pics] So Ji Sup in High Cut mag

  1. Each image that contains the features of the sad and the heart Almujua stillness and silence of the body, as well as the eyes and pain unit and finally deep sorrow

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