Mu Juk Ja invited to Venice Film Festival

Korean Remake A Better Tomorrow invited to Venice

Korea’s remake of John Woo’s quintessential gangster drama ‘A Better Tomorow’ has been invited for a special out-of-competition screening at the 2010 Venice Film Festival. Directed by SONG Hae-sung (Failan, Maundy Thursday) and starring four major male stars, the film will be released in Korea on September 16.

The original 1986 production set the bench mark for Hong Kong noir style films and helped break Hong Kong films into the international arena.  In addition, Hong Kong films are thought to have directly inspired Korean films such as Shiri (1999) the North Korean spy gangster thriller which itself spawned a whole succession of films. 

Remaking A Better Tomorow then takes the Korean film industry in a full circle.  There is so much confidence in the project that even the director of the original Hong Kong film, John Woo, is a producer on the Korean remake.

It has been said of the original A Better Tomorow that it changed the Hong Kong film industry forever.  Part of the reason for this may have been the casting of iconic Hong Kong actors Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun Fat.  Taking the lead roles in the Korean production are KIM Kang-woo (Ha Ha Ha 2010, Marine Boy 2009), JOO Jin-mo (A Frozen Flower 2008, 200 Pounds Beauty 2006), JO Han-seon (Attack the Gas Station 2 2009, Cruel Winter Blues 2006) and SONG Seung-heon (Fate 2008).  The film has secured a coup in casting these four ‘it’ actors already creating a substantial buzz around the production of the remake.  JOO plays the boss of the gang involved in shady deals who has lost contact with his young brother Cheol, played by KIM who has now become a police officer.  Cheol of course thinking he was originally abandoned by his brother is out for blood, which all leads to the familiar themes of betrayal and honor, and a tragic climax.

Source: KOFIC

This is interesting – John Woo is the producer behind this movie o_O . I didnt watch Maundy Thursday but I did watch Failan – Failan is a good & solid movie. ah…makes me want to go and watch this movie asap 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mu Juk Ja invited to Venice Film Festival

  1. mmm … i am more interested in Lee Seon Kyun’s movie, Oki’s Movie which is competing and Matsuyama Kenichi’s Norwegian Wood more than Mu Juk Ja. Song Seung Hun in that movie sort of dampen my excitement for it. anyways, i love the director’s Failan and Maundy Thursday.

    • havent watch the movie so i will wait until i have a chance to watch it before commenting… lol, if SSH messed up his part, Im going to really really … :S

      Havent watched the trailers for both Oki’s Movie and Norwegian Wood. Maybe later (via youtube 😛 ) .

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