Aftershock Impression

I’ve just watched this movie.

It’s been a long time since I last watched a movie so intently. Without falling asleep or wishing that the movie could move faster.

It’s also a long time since I last watched a movie where I cried and cried 😦 .  So if you are going to watch this movie, don’t forget to bring tons of tissues.

The version that is available in cinema here is not in 3D, but I think it is better for you to watch it in 2D. There’s really not a lot of effects that I can think that you need to watch it in 3D.  It’s more a human movie than an f/x movie.

The story is quite good, IMO.  After watching this movie, I think I can start to understand how devastating an earthquake can be and its effect on those who survives.  Call me “heartless”, but I never really experienced an earthquake (tremors, yes but not the actual one!) so I wouldn’t feel what an experienced person would feel in reality. This movie managed to change my perception.  It is very hard to watch the earthquake scenes. Yes, I knew those scenes were CGIs but somehow, I kind of “feel” it…

The acting is good too, especially Zhang Jing Chu (who played the grown-up girl above) and Fan Xu (the mom who had to make the choice).  I think Director Feng managed to convey the 2 sides of the effect of that choice that the mom had to make.  Probably the only thing I want to complain is the actor who played the husband of Zhang Jing Chu’s character.  Not really fit in there (as in the acting) >< .




Psssst… I didnt watch it in cinema – 😦 sorry, I thought the film is not released here yet and Im too impatient to wait.  Then I checked and found out that this movie has just started screening here! O_O … so don’t be like me, watch it in the cinema, if you can.

I dont think I can re-watched this movie because it’s almost gave me the same feeling that I had when I watched Grave of the Fireflies.  Fireflies is even a sadder movie than this, though.  At least, this movie provides some sort of closure…


Aftershock Trailer and Poster


2 thoughts on “Aftershock Impression

  1. it is showing in the cinema now? too bad i live in KT …

    the story must be really heart wrenching then if it gives you the same feeling as watching GOF. i remember crying like mad (or more like bawling) when i watched GOF, the anime version from Ghibli Studio. i managed to watch it again once after that first time and that left me with swollen eyes too the next morning. i kinda restrain myself from watching it again cos i don’t think i can take the heartaches and sadness elicited by the movie again.

    • GOF invoke more emotions than Aftershock actually. I have watched it many many years ago and still I couldnt bring myself to watch it again. I cried buckets then…Aftershock – I didnt actually cried my tears out (almost) but it kinda left a sad feeling after watching it.

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