Ahjussi is now 4th week at No. 1

Here is the top 5 Korean Weekly B.O. from 27th Aug to 29th Aug:

(Film Title) – (3 days admission) – Number of screens

  1. Ahjussi (aka The Man From Nowhere) – 526,123 – 450
  2. The Last Airbender – 266,333 – 340
  3. Piranha 3D (new entry this week) – 203,216 – 338
  4. I Saw The Devil – 162,626 – 343
  5. Predators – 160,118 – 261

Note: “Ahjussi” have now earned a total of 4,462,972 admissions. It is now currently ranked #3 for this year’s overall admissions, behind #1 “Inception” (5,598,443) and #2 “Secret Reunion” aka “Sworn Brothers” (5,460,035).

Source: KOFIC / KOBIS / mydaily / SINA

“I Saw The Devil” fell to 4th place. Β New entry into Top 5 are “Piranha 3D” at #3 and “Predators” at #5. O_O jeez I dont know a lot of people likes to watch (fish) monster movie.

Last week’s #4 “Inception” fell to sixth place and #5 “Perfect Education” fell to 10th place.

Wow…I believe Ahjussi may finish ahead of Secret Reunion if it can maintain the 450,000 to 500,000 admissions for the next 2 weeks… Mu Juk Ja will only open around mid-Sept and I dont think there’s any other (big) Korean film that is set to open in the coming 2 weeks.


Top 5 Korean B.O. from 20th to 22nd Aug 2010


4 thoughts on “Ahjussi is now 4th week at No. 1

  1. that is great!! so many movie i’m looking forward to watch, Ahjusshi, I See the Devil and Into the Fire. i think i’m getting the dvds for these three movies when they are released especially Into the Fire (though i wish it was another actor in the role acted by Kwon Sang Woo).

    • Hmm Into the Fire…this is the first time Im aware of this movie. Will go to youtube and try to find if there’s a trailer ^^ . Thanks for informing me.

      Oh, I also have yet to watch the trailer for I See The Devil. …off to youtube ^^

  2. i think the official title for the movie is 71-Into the Fire if i’m not mistaken. watch out for my baby TOP of Big Bang in the main role. he’s got heaps of praises for his acting in the movie which makes me one happy ahjumma fan!! hi hi …

    I Saw the Devil is quite violent. i read that it has been given a special … what do you call that thing … that 18 and above thingy. this movie gets something like limited screening (only at select cinemas or something) for its violence. i guess it must be more violent than The Chaser. anyways, it has Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Sik … so, i am definitely looking forward to watch it, violence or no violence.

  3. oh then I probably know which movie is Into The Fire, if you mentioned TOP πŸ˜› … I recalled seeing him on some movie poster but Im not sure what the movie is since the title is in Korean.

    Still yet to watch the trailer for I Saw the Devil. LOL, probably wait until my bro buy the DVD πŸ™‚

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