[Pics] So Ji Sup in Cosmopolitan

Hmm…there’s a bit news on him too besides the cosmopolitan shoot. I didnt watch his current drama, Road No. 1. I’ve watched Ep 1 (without subs) and well, sad to say, not interested…Im also bored to death. Maybe Im not into war drama but I think the reason is the show is too boring and melodramatic and the editing for that first ep was just too haphazard (?).

^ Im liking the lady on the left’s boots.  I always like boots but I would be really insane to wear one in M’sia. Too hot ne…SJS is looking good as ever ^^

^ I dont like SJS looking like that…because it looks like he is going to cry or something.  I like both of the clothes that the ladies wore.  If I have the body figure, I would want to wear it ^_^

^ oooh nice shoes (both of them).

Wokay…here’s the translated bit news.


When he was being interviewed, he said that even though the ratings for “Road No. 1” is below people’s expectation, he didn’t regret his decision to act in it. This is because he really like the character that he acted and this was his first drama that was fully filmed before airing.

He revealed that he wanted to build a hotel. So he made a tattoo (?) on his shoulder that has a pattern of a hotel to remind himself to work hard for his dream.

Source: mydaily / SINA / english translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


Uhm…I wonder what name will the hotel be? …

2 thoughts on “[Pics] So Ji Sup in Cosmopolitan

  1. eh? i din know he got new drama… and yeah the boots are nice but to wear it here u would need to “angin” ur feet every 5 minutes haha!

    • saf, LOL…but I saw some msians wore boots here too…the ones that you supposed to wear during autumn/winter. >_<

      I also like those long coats, unfortunately, cant wear here – in this weather, would die before even go out of the house 😛

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