Acting naked…

It was reported that 19 years ago when Lee Byung Hun joined KBS as an actor trainee, he was forced to act without wearing any clothes with his 65 other classmates (male + female) as part of his training.  That training, which reportedly took 2 hours, also involved actor Son Hyun Joo.

Both of them were in the 14th trainees class.  According to the report, the lecturer wanted to train the trainees on “Adam and Eve” concept (??),  so he/she requested all the trainees in the class to strip naked before acting.  Out of the 66 trainees, 34 of them were females and there were high-schoolers.  The high-schoolers were initially too shy to strip but after seeing the lecturer’s “black” face, they finally stripped.

Lee Byung Hun has yet to comment on this report.

Source: SINA / re-translated by fangorn @

Eh…Im not sure how true is this report but … if this is true, then wouldnt the lecturer violated some human rights or sth? o_O

First time ever hearing this kind of training concept…


One thought on “Acting naked…

  1. .______________________________.
    i hope those students know that they could still become great actors without having to strip and “train”

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