se7en to comeback on MNET M Countdown 29th Jul

Se7en will be performing his music comeback on MNET’s M Countdown music program.  The date is 29th August July. The MNET staff have spent 15 hours to set up the special stage.

According to sources, besides performing “Better Together”, he will also perform a song with T.O.P.

Source: mydaily / SINA / re-translated by fangorn @

Update: it was on 29th July… lol, I mistaken the date – the effect of posting @ 4.51 am

Err…did a brief listen of his “Digital Bounce” album. Not really liking it at the moment (that’s why only brief listen la).  Most of the time, couldnt even listen to his voice, most of the time err..”digitalised” already ><

I have yet to watch his MV though but from the picture, he has changed sooo much ><


One thought on “se7en to comeback on MNET M Countdown 29th Jul

  1. i love this mini album and my fav is Drips … sounds so sexaaay. there’s too much autotune in Digital Bounce but he did great when performing it live. my fav part is Tabi’s rap … i could just listen to it over and over again. by the way, both of them are soooo handsome!!

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