Park Yong Ha’s funeral info

What I’ve found out so far:

  • He will be cremated, but the press have yet to find out where’s the final resting place of his ashes
  • Funeral will be today, 2nd July morning.
  • List of friends that have visited him for the last time: Lee Byung Hun, Bae Yong Joon, Won Bin, Choi Ji woo, Song Seung Hun, Eugene (his former gf) , Jang Hyuk, Lee Bum Soo, Park Si Yeon, Yoon Eun Hye, Cha Tae Hyun, So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul, Park Hyo Shin, and many many others.
  • I think, from the news, So Ji Sub, will be one of the pallbearers. His eyes are already red from too much crying :((
  • According to the police report, time of death was between 4 -5 am. Before that, he went out for a drink with friends. When he went back to his home, he gave his dad a massage and said to his dad that he wish he’s the one with the illness (instead of dad) and apologized to his dad.

^ So Ji Sub and Park Yong Ha’s sister?

^ Park Yong Ha’s dad

^ His mom

^ Bae Yong Joon

^ Choi Ji Woo

Park Hyo Shin

Song Seung Hun

Picture and news source: SINA / mydaily / chosun

7 thoughts on “Park Yong Ha’s funeral info

  1. everytime i look at So Ji Seob’s pictures, i got teary-eyed. his eyes got so swollen … he must be crying all night while accompanying his good friend. and now looking at the sad and devastated faces of his parents, the tears just flow. i still can’t believe that PYH would take his own life but i guess as one who has never suffered depression (and GOD forbids), i wouldn’t know how bad he had felt to do what he did.

    again RIP Park Yong Ha.

    • yeah u right…this picture and youtube footage does give me teary eyes… yeah who know what he felt, and yet, by ending his life…it does shows that there are many people who loves him soo much…if only he can share his burden with someone, which he did not… for being such a good person, bear all the burden, just take his life… i dont know why, but i really miss him, wishing this day never happen and wishing to c his next acting…but it all buried along with him….RIP PJH…(even im still can’t accept that he’s gone)…

      p/s: thinking for ON AIR marathon… for his last tribute, even my heart ache….

  2. i bought the on air dvd but havent watched it yet, didnt expect that by the time i will be watching it, park yong ha has already died…its so heartwrenching. i cant even cry, just felt my heart so heavy, i just hope so ji sub will not sink into depression too after this, hope it wont trigger a chain reaction just like what happened to choi jin sil, where she committed suicide after her friend committed suicide, then afterwards choi’s own brother also committed suicide because of her death.

  3. I’m thinking of doing on air marathon too. It’s so sad that he had to end up his life this way. But I’ve tried to do suicide too before, for something overly simple, so I can’t judge his action. I just wish the family the best. I will always remember you.

    Best regard to Park Yong Ha.

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