SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Park Yong Ha dead ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all the latest news – go here

But 😦 Im so SHOCK!!!


2 thoughts on “SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Park Yong Ha dead ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. i was too this morning. the first thing that caught my eyes when i went to one of the kpop websites that i frequent on daily basis. it feels like it was all a dream. there were many Korean celebrities suicides in the past year but none has affected me as much as Park Yong Ha’s. i guess it’s because i like him a lot as an actor and singer. i was actually expecting to see him again in a new drama after Story of A Man but it is not meant to be. i’m really saddened by his death. RIP Park Yong Ha.

  2. I read it over at dramabeans. It’s so shocking.
    And there has been so many celebrity suicides in suvh a short
    while in Korea. This really should be a eye opener even though
    it has not been!

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