[Pics+Trailer] ah.ju.ssi – Won Bin

oooh have I been MIA for so long o_O ?

sorry, didnt realise it after my Phuket vacation 😛 ..

Here’s a trailer from Won Bin’s upcoming movie – teaser actually but Im likin’ it. He’s not as thin as before and Im sooo glad!! His short hair actually reminded me of his days @ Autumn Sonata, no?

Film release scheduled to be in Aug 2010.


Source: Cine21


^ for some reasons, I like this pic the most… something about his back, him hugging the girl (Im really envious of this girl!!!)

^ this girl is from Brand New Life (which I havent watch!) but …ooooh she’s cute.

^ thank goodness, he wont be keeping this hairstyle for long in the movie 😛

Source: Cine21


5 thoughts on “[Pics+Trailer] ah.ju.ssi – Won Bin

  1. It seems like a really good movie. I seriously want to see it, it seems dark and very interesting.
    Can anybody say what the song is that they are playing in the backgound ?

  2. GOSH … the scene where he jumps on the car, he looks so so beautiful!! and that is the little girl from the movie A Brand New Life!!

  3. won bin as a gangster! with that long hair too!! kakkoii~~~~~
    both hairstyles look great to me =p

    the movie looks good! but dunno who the singer is lah. she sounds familiar though

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