Military dates for Kang Dong Won and Bi

Kang Dong Won

Well, I read in one article that KDW has postponed the military enlistment to Nov this year but I also read in another article that he denied the first news… so Im confused..  anyone knows when he will be enlisting?

Talking about KDW, I went and watched JeonWooChi in the cinema awhile back – even though the film plot is so-so but imo, it was quite enjoyable. I never really a fan of KDW but gosh, he was dashing in that show… a true “clothes-hanger”, I might say.

Now, anyone knows where I can watch/download Sworn Brothers/Secret Reunion?

I heard he’s making a movie with Go Soo, called “Psychic” – cant wait for that 🙂


Not talking about his current hot rumour with Jeon Ji Hyun…  but more on his upcoming enlistment news that he must go by 28th Sep 2010.  Is this date confirmed?


10 thoughts on “Military dates for Kang Dong Won and Bi

  1. i’ve downloaded Sworn Brothers recently. i’ll look for the links again and post them here soon.

    A movie with Go Soo? two beautiful guys in the same movie? WHOah … i think it is likely that i’ll be too enchanted by their beauties to even notice what the story is all about. heh heh …

  2. eerr … i’ve posted download links for Secret Reunion yesterday and i’m sure it went through but where is the post now?

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