[Pics] Lee Jun Ki last photoshoot before army enlistment

Done on the day before his enrolment.  The first pic freaked me out… I know he’s well known for being a pretty boy but this pic >< too much…

I do like the composition here – of him cutting the hair…and then…look at the 2nd pic – my fav among the four.

^ never realised that he has big ears, no?

Source: SINA / pictures re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


8 thoughts on “[Pics] Lee Jun Ki last photoshoot before army enlistment

  1. woow… looking at this pictures, I realized that he really is a man! xD
    Looks dandy~ contrary to his usual image. ❤

  2. in the 1st pic he looks like a geisha! pretty!!

    and the rest he looks so… manly? geh… i like him pretty =p lol

  3. hey! he look great in his new hair cut, quit manly, soory i perfer in this kind of look, gereat ! when are u come back?

  4. Well he has always had really beautiful features(jealous) and I guess he wanted to leave his fans with something hence the pictures.
    But the second pic is my fave too ^^
    I’ll miss him though sob sob

  5. Omg, I loved how he looked with long hair be4 he had to cut it!!! >.< & he looks soo different now… 😥 Btw the first pic up there looks awesome!! ❤

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