My first Japanese-style curry rice

^_^ Im happy that it turns out OK.

I followed the recipe from this site, almost.  The recipe stated to use pork but I changed it to use chicken. I dont like to cook red meat.  I also didnt cook the curry roux from scratch, I bought the curry roux from Isetan 😛 . Yeah, Im not that good to cook from scratch yet.

I thought I put in too much water but it turned out OK – thick but not too thick. The curry is not that spicy because I chose a non-spicy one. Well, there are 5 levels of “spicy-ness” (how do you spell the word?) for the roux – since I never cook it before, better choose the average spicy level (aka Level 3). LOL, it didnt taste spicy at all – according to the Malaysian standard.  So next time, Im going to increase it to Level 4 🙂 .

My next objective- tempura!!


4 thoughts on “My first Japanese-style curry rice

    • definitely not spicy! a bit sweet o_O… I really like the sauce… 🙂 you should buy 1 packet and try to cook la.. but I guess you better choose Level 5 😛

  1. japanese can’t eat spicy. there’s a story where when japan introduced chilli to the koreans, they did so to kill them all with the spiciness, but look at the koreans now. their food is generally in the spicy group and they dip chilli into chilli paste as a treat. japanese will die when they eat chilli. all their foods are sweet and oily (delicate). try level 5

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