Khalil Fong – Timeless concert – Live in Malaysia

JEEZ…I didnt know that he’s having a concert here >< and Im NOT HERE to go and watch it. Ive been hoping he has a concert here and when he does, I cant go … 😦 I want to cry…

He’ll be here tomorrow, 10th May, at Sg Wang to promote his concert. Time is 8pm. Anybody who has bought his concert tickets can get a pass for the rights to queue up for his signature (poster-signing event). But you will need to start queueing for the pass at 11 am tomorrow.

Source: StarPlanet

7 thoughts on “Khalil Fong – Timeless concert – Live in Malaysia

  1. urghhhh why didn’t i know that he was here on Monday?? urgh urgh urgh. and we’re in the same boat – i have been hoping since forever for him to have a major concert here AND I CAN’T GO?! off for family trip to Korea (which partially helps to comfort me) and we should arrive just a day before the concert. don’t think my Ayah would want to drive me up to Genting the next day :/

    where will u be on that day btw, if u don’t mind me asking?

  2. oh btw, have you listened/watched Brown Eyed Soul’s new release? loveeee the MV. especially the acapella part 🙂

  3. Oh, forgotten – I did go and see him @ SG Wang on Monday. He didnt sing any song – just there to talk a bit and then proceeded to sign the concert poster.

    He looks so “geeky” 😛 and a bit on the thin-side 😦 . He looks exactly like on TV.

  4. oh, i was talking about “Love Ballad” btw. suchhhh a pretty song. looking fwd to catching them live when i go there *fingers crossed*. oh well, at least you’re away holiday-ing as well, just clear your mind and don’t think of what’s taking place back home 🙂

    oh so u went? coolness! have to agree he’s got that geek-look hands down 🙂 but would’ve been better if he had sung a song at least.

  5. i couldnt go to the fansigning… but i already bought the tix ages ago! i think, a couple of months ago, but they din promote much of his concert, i found out cos a fren told me during the suju concert. so i cepat2 bought it being such a kiasu when it comes to concerts, haha

    I LOVE HIS SONGS!! and yes he looks like a geek but who doesnt like creative geeks =p haha

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