[Music] Songs 8th May 2010

Korean, Mandarin and 1 English song by a HK singer. The net is so slow these days…cant even surf anything ><

Note: Please do not hotlink files

[K] Ye Sung – It Has To Be You (Cinderella’s Sister Main Theme)


This is my hp’s current ringtone πŸ™‚ . Been addicted to this song since day 1. LOL, and I didnt know that Ye Sung is in SUJU, which I don’t listen to at all.

Now, does anyone has that theme song that he sang for Tazza drama? If yes, please upload πŸ™‚

[K] Kim Kook Hwan – I Can’t See


When I heard this song, I can feel the sadness in his voice. Though I don’t really know what’s the song about. I hope he has a chance to release a full album, instead of just a single 😦 .

[K] JUST – Though All Erase


I guess he’s been around for quite some time but only sings songs in OST, like Kim Yong Jin (I think). I do like his debut album, which this song is taken from.

Ah…regarding Kim Yong Jin, guess really have to spend some time updating myself on this guy…it’s been a long time, am wondering what’s his latest songs are? :/

[E] Aarif Lee – Echoes of the Rainbow


I missed this movie when it was screened here. Well, have to wait for the DVD. Aarif is one-third malaysian – if Im not wrong, his dad is malay-chinese mix while mom is from HK. His debut album is quite good. Even though he has the looks, he’s in the singer-songwriter category as he wrote most of the songs in his album. Oh yeah, ppl also said he looks a bit like Wang Lee Hom…which I dont think he did.

[M] Wang Zheng Liang with Rachel Liang – Man Man


Why I like this song? I felt happy when I listened to this song. I dont even know who’s Wang Zheng Liang, until I heard this song from Rachel Liang’s album …then I found out that he has an album out…gave it a try and well, not bad πŸ™‚ .


5 thoughts on “[Music] Songs 8th May 2010

  1. i love Just. the name is kinda funny … i mean i thought at first the singer is a band but it turns out that Just is only one person. the first song i heard from him is Green Rose, the theme song for Lee Da Hae’s and Go Soo’s drama of the same title.

    never heard of Kim Kook Hwan but i may have heard his song. sometimes, when i listen to OST, i don’t pay attention to the singers unless they are someone i already know.

    i’ll see if i can find that song you want from Tazza (the movie or the drama?)

    • the drama.

      Do you also have JUST’s song from Green Rose? If yes, please upload for me. Thanks.

      When it comes to new songs, Im more inclined to take a listen if it is ballad or R&B. Oh, and if the singer is a male… OK…I prefer male singer over female singer. I can count with my fingers how many female singers that I listened to πŸ˜› .

  2. Hello!!! I just found ur blog! Was wondering if u still have Tei’s performance on YDH Love Letter in 2007? I really wanna have it on my com. One of my fav. performances by that boy!

  3. i’ll have to look for the song first … heh heh. it’s in one of those cds. i can only upload it on yousendit though. i’ll post the link here once it’s done.

    heh heh … it’s the same for me. i have more male singers whom i like than female singers. that is so apparent when i look at my cd collections.

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