Low EQ taxi driver

Well,  today I have the most unhappy experience of riding a cab.

I have to go from Jalan Raja Chulan to Jalan Semantan very quickly (client issue) so I have to take a cab. It’s lunchtime. When I said Jalan Semantan, he asked me if it was near the Immigration Dept.  Im very familiar with the road system there (even though Ive been a couple of times) – yes Im a road-dummy! .  So I told him should be before the Immigration Dept.  So he asked me near which road, and Im not too sure so I said go towards Jalan Istana first… Why I said Jalan Istana is because that’s the usual way that other cab driver took me when I took the cab to Jalan Semantan from Masjid Jamek LRT station.  I dont know any other way!

So he drove to Jalan Istana – he went thru the road before Jalan Petaling, did a turn to Jalan Hang Jebat area because the other road was blocked (traffic), came out to Jalan Maharajalela and did a U-turn to Jalan Istana via that Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka building.

When he reached Jalan Istana, he asked me where should I go, I looked and said go straight, follow that to PJ sign (since that’s the only way I know).

I could sense that he was not happy then and when we reached Jalan Duta, he said in a very unhappy tone that “this is JALAN DUTA, if you said JALAN DUTA, every taxi driver will know where to head to, and JALAN DUTA can go to JALAN SEMANTAN… and this road will lead to IMMIGRATION DEPT, ….”

The thing that Im not happy about is not that he said that Im a dummy in road recognition…

I got offended by the way/tone he said it to me…Im the customer  and Im not complaining that we went the wrong/long way.  The way that he said it like I am the cab driver and he is the customer.

Why can’t he just say something like this – “Miss, you went the long way, you should just go here and here to reach here, and this is actually Jalan Duta and this is Jalan Semantan, and you should say this and this to the driver next time, blah blah blah… ”

What was his problem?


2 thoughts on “Low EQ taxi driver

  1. errr … he himself know where Jalan Semantan is right? if so, why did he ASK you about it? why didn’t he just drive you there and maybe from there you can direct him to the exact place you want to go to. yeah … sometimes some of these people (like cab and bus drivers) talk and act like we’re dumb, no courtesy and manners at all. it’s not like we hitch the ride for free or that we want to be treated like a king or sth, but they should take a look of themselves in the mirror before they talk down to people.

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