Aftershock trailer and poster

Frankly, Im not too sure that watching this film in 3D is any better than watching it in 2D.   Everyone is like trying to release films in 3D due to Avatar’s success.  To be fair, I didn’t watch Avatar in 3D, therefore I can’t comment on Avatar 3D. However, I did watch Alice in Wonderland 3D and after the film, I was wondering why did I have to (over)pay RM6 more to watch this movie??  Not much difference in watching in 2D, IMO.  Another reason was our 3D theatres are not really good…compared to IMAX theatres.  IMO, there IS a difference watching 3D in normal theatres compared to IMAX ones.   I went to Osaka’s Suntory Museum’s IMAX 3D theatre to watch “Beyond the Sea” (documentary about sea, narrated by Jim Carrey) and I was vowed!  The feeling is like I AM in the sea.  Hence, watching the 3D in our normal theatre here is so bleh now 😛 .   Berjaya’s IMAX theatre shouldn’t have closed down la.   They should rethink of “re-opening” it.

Besides that, I really like the poster below.  What do you think?

I also like the plot – kind of movie that I want to watch:

(from filmsmash)


When a mother is informed by the rescue team that, as her 7-year old twins are buried under the debris close to each other, digging one out would result in further collapse of the wreckage on the other, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. As the clock ticked away, she finally ended her struggle and chose to save the boy, and though heartbroken, she had no idea her decision was overheard by the daughter. Deemed as a dead person, the little girl miraculously survived and was rescued after being buried under for days. Suffering from the emotional shock of the disaster and the painful memory of her mother’s choice, she refused to reveal whom she was. She was adopted by a young couple and later moved to the US, but shadowed by the traumatic experience from her childhood, she forever remained emotionally closed up.

When the Sichuan earthquake takes over 80,000 lives in 2008, she volunteers to join the rescue team and returns to her homeland, China. As she witnesses the tribulations people go through when a natural disaster takes place, she finally unlocks the pain she had felt all these years and finds forgiveness. She finally reunites with the mother and twin brother she had parted from after 32 years. A human drama about finding forgiveness, ‘Aftershock’ depicts not only the fatal tragedy that is brought on by a natural disaster of great levels, but also the strength and courage that is demonstrated when we are in face of extreme and devastating situations.


Source: filmsmash


4 thoughts on “Aftershock trailer and poster

  1. aargh … this is the same director who did that war movie, Assembly rite? it’s really good and sad. this one must be too. i think there’s another movie of his that i watched last time with beautiful Shu Qi in it, couldn’t recall the title though.

    i guess it’s a waste to pay that much if it makes no difference in enjoying the movie. maybe to enjoy this 3D thingy, the cinema theaters in malaysia need to be upgraded. i haven’t seen anything in 3D though, so i can’t imagine the feeling. must be great.

    thank you for sharing infos about the movie above. now, i need to scour the internet for a torrent link or something. heh heh …

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