Brown Eyed Soul comeback

I thought BES comprised of 3 members and Brown Eyes consists of 2 members and both of them have Naul … no?

If Naul is back, will he continue with BE too ?

Brown Eyed Soul to Come Back after 3 Years

Ballad duo Brown Eyed Soul will make a comeback after three years, following its member Na-eol’s discharge from the military. Santa Music representing the duo announced that their first double single will be released on the internet on Thursday, March 25th. Titled “Will Step Aside” and “Blowin’ My Mind,” the two singles will precede the duo’s third regular album slated for released this fall.

Brown Eyed Soul rolled out their second regular album in 2007 before Na-eol enlisted in the military on December 28th of the same year. Korea’s sweetest ballad duo also has a plan to hold comeback concerts on May 21st and 22nd at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

Source: KBS World


7 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Soul comeback

  1. Brown Eyed Soul is back again for another Journey of significance and uniqueness. But this time with more sounds originated from the 70’s pop sounds? that is interesting. Yoo Naul’s solo album shocast alot of the 70’s pop/soul genre.. I think this time the genre will be showcast by all members to help fans remember the uniqueness of the 70’s. It is very important that they keep their roots and I know BES will not fail to be themselves. A great band will never go by mainstream.. a great band will stick to its roots.

  2. Brown Eyed Soul is actually consists of 4 members and Brown Eyes is only 2 members.. and yes Naul is a member in both groups. I hope Brown Eyes comes out with a new album sometime soon too. I love their 3rd album.. very unique and masterly recorded.. every single song is unique if you really listen to them you will notice.. 🙂

  3. i listened to Brown Eyes first as well and comparing their previous albums, Brown Eyes came out better. but with BE’s latest album, they are now even -_-

    anyway i’m super duper excited! we have a trip planned to Korea and we should arrive on the 21st! really hope the mothers would give their permission, before the tickets are sold out! now that i realize it’s a comeback concert, it won’t be too long before the tickets will all be gone ey?

    • Well they both sets primes in 2 different genres. Brown Eyes’s music mainly sets in for Mainstream Pop meanwhile Brown Eyed Soul’s is set for Pop that is inspired by the 90’s and 70’s. 🙂

  4. Your welcome. I was also introduced to Brown Eyes first.. brown eyes leaves out more of a mainstream pop sound collaboration with Korean pop ethnics.. that’s what makes Brown Eyes so rare. Their 3rd album “Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose & 5 Objects” is a unique album.. Track 5 “Not-temune” is a song inspired by the original Brown Eyes hit song “Already a Year”. The difference this time is it has much more of a soothing sound to it. Yoon Gun has a good ear for a significant style that once a observative fan hears it.. they realize its Yoon Gun’s compositions instantly.

  5. I’m anticipating BE comeback… Love their last album.
    And I think BES also a great group, each member has their own soul in music. How I wish more people recognize and appreciate them more.

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