Bi new album picture

WOKAY…the ..ehm..eyelashes scared me >< … I think Im going to have nightmares o_O


9 thoughts on “Bi new album picture

  1. heh heh … i haven’t watched his new MV or any of his recent performances. i intended to but after seeing some pictures of him and his backup dancers looking like Chippendales, i decided not to. i just wish he stops ripping his clothes every time cos it really puts me off big time.

  2. What is Chippendales?

    The MV – he also ripped his shirt there… the whole MV is just sooo screaming with “SEX” that >< I like the song though and I thought the MV is of those story-type MV…not more than half of the time, he's busy showing off his chest.

  3. to me Chippendales are like male strippers … men who ripped off their shirts for women. i dunno if they still exist nowadays. it is sad that Bi resorts to this kind of act in almost everything that he does. i used to like him when he first came out … up till his third jib. i think that’s when he started to .. .you know .. do this. that’s why i could never ever get myself into 2PM (in addition to the fact that IMO their songs and voice are just subpar). i like 2AM, their voices are great and so are their songs but i avoid watching them these days cos they are sort of following the footstep of 2PM in the ‘rip-off-shirts’ department.

    • lol, at least you can diff who is 2AM and who is 2PM… LOL, I always thought 2PM = 2AM …I dont know who’s who now in those world of idol groups >< they are just too many.

      Ah, Bi = Chippendales – yes, he did that in his latest MV. I was like O_O so you are explicitly selling "sex" now ? I thought only coughcoughleehyoricoughcough do that…And not just him, just look at the recent drama – tons of lead actors showing off their well-built bodies !! eye candies ? 😛

      I will still listen to his songs though, not all but 1 or 2.

      • yup .. agree about the dramas nowadays. i can forgive the ‘stripping off’ if i think the scene reasonably requires the actor to do so .. like in some of those scenes in ChuNo (Slave Hunters). it’s not like i’m totally not into watching guys baring their great bodies, it would be a treat to have them do so once in a while. in the case of Bi and 2PM, the act is becoming overused already and there are some guys whom i am averse to watching them topless … you know … kinda feel ‘geli geleman’ looking at them especially when their faces and personality don’t go down well with their buffed bodies.

        and yeah … i also kinda agree with your point on ‘selling sex’ especially when it concerns female artists being ultra sexy in their performances. but what’s worst are those who act all innocent and cute with underlying ‘messages’.anyways, i still love Hyo Ri, not as a singer but for her personality off-stage.

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