JLPT 2 results


LOL, I already knew the result the moment I finished the test last year – just don’t know how many points (or lack of it) that I did for all 3 papers.

Well, I just received the results today and ….

here’s the actual (bad) scores:

1. Writing/Vocabulary [文字 / 語彙 ] – 53 / 100

I guess most of those 53 pts were for the 文字 section. My 語彙 are non-existent here 😛 .

2. Listening [ 聴解 ] – 39 / 100

WOW! I actually have some marks here … it’s even higher that I expected, I thought I only scored around 10s…

FYI, this section is always, always my weakest link – even in JLPT 3.

3. Reading-Grammar [ 読解 / 文法 ] – 91 / 200

Hmm… guess most (or all) of those 91 pts were for the 文法. I don’t know what I did/answered in 読解. Due to lack of time, I “tembak” most of that section – at least 2/3 (or probably more) of those reading sections.

Total: 183 / 400. Passing point is 60% or higher, which means 240 / 400 or higher. Mine is  45.75%, so it’s 15% short (or 57 pts)…hahaha, a long way to go for me.

Will I take it again this year (where the L2 becomes N2) ?

Don’t think so …  but I may change my mind … aiyoh, take test, needs time to prepare, which I dont have ler. Moreover, I have stopped my Japanese classes since the test last year and dont intend to re-join this year.

Anyway, according to what I’ve read, there’s no difference (in terms of content) between L2 and N2, except that you have 2 papers now, instead of 3. “文字 / 語彙” and “読解 / 文法” will be in 1 sitting (1 paper) while “聴解” is in the 2nd paper.

5 thoughts on “JLPT 2 results

    • ah the key word is *if* … actually, Im not disheartened because I already knew I would fail before and after the exam. I didnt have enough time to study and that’s just too much to study at my current level. But I have no regrets of taking the exam. Some of my friends asked me why did you bother to take the exam if you knew you would fail (before taking it)? Well, at least now I know where I am at and how much I need to work on (which area, etc). If I dont take it, will I know now?

      BTW, Im starting to pickup Korean again (after many restarts) – not sure if I can keep this though… it’s self-study – I don’t want to go to ICLS … IMO, it’s a bit pricey. Furthermore, I don’t think I want to go to class now… >< maybe later half of the year…

  1. i wish i could learn korean too. i can read the hangul characters and i think it’s much easier than learning to read japanese (i took japanese classes years ago but up till 2nd level only). there are too many to remember.

    • the thing that I found difficult for me in Korean is the pronounciation – some of them are just plain difficult (sound alike to me). True that Japanese language have 3 writing/reading alphabets to memorise – but the pronounciation is way simpler than Korean… A lot of written Korean words are also not pronounced as it is written! That always confuses me because I always don’t remember those pronounciation rules.

      However, back when I went to Korean class (only took the beginner 1st level), I found out that both Korean and Japanese grammar are really similar … hahaha, I was a bit surprised by that.

  2. haha, it’s good that u dont feel sad even when u failed. at least ure better than me anyway! lol

    i also think that korean is simpler than japanese

    lai wah, if u study songs u can understand faster, the pronounciation and why it sounds different… i think self-study is better cos ICLS surely will teach grammar grammar and more grammar like our japanese classes. i get bored really fast like that.

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