[Pics] Joo Ji Hoon before the army enlistment

Pictures published from his pictorial book, I think…just before the army ?

I have downloaded that military event that has a lot of artists in it (and Jo In Sung was really cool in that air force uniform of his!), probably will post over the weekends or sth…

Since we are on the topic of pictorial book, I saw So Ji Sup pictorial book in Kino…and sooooo tempted to buy it but the price >< aiyah very expensive le — RM200+ … o_O

Source: SINA / pictures reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “[Pics] Joo Ji Hoon before the army enlistment

  1. i really like this guy! his acting is quite good and his eyes are very expressive

    too bad abt the drug thing. hope it will all be ok after he finishes his army stint

  2. hey hey. are you a malaysian? rm200 huh? mmg mahal pon. aduh~ kenape kalau sampai sini kne beratus harga en? haih..

      • hye there 🙂 hehe. you do sound like malaysian. thats why i ask you. btw, are you a Goong shipper?

      • am I ? 🙂 Im not sure … I did watch Goong last time when it was broadcast. Quite enjoy it but found it a bit draggy almost to the end…that’s the drama that introduced me to JJH and YEH.

  3. JJH likes dogs as well. I watched Goong over and over and never seems to get tired of it. His other drama ‘the devil’ is very interesting and like JJH even more. Really miss him so much.

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