Congrats to Jang Dong Gun!

He finally announced his marriage date – 2nd May!

And the bride is Go So Young! I remembered watching JDG and her in Love Wind, Love Song (one of the very earliest K-movie that I watched 🙂 ) .

I got this pic of her in wikidrama ><

Congratulations to both of you! I’m so happy!!!

This is JDG official statement (as what I have managed to understand from the chinese text >< ):

“I would like to announce this to everyone here; when I was in the film production of “The Warrior’s Way”, I looked back at my life and have lot of thoughts. Not as the actor Jang Dong Gun but as myself – a man’s thoughts on his whole life. In that instance, I thought of someone who has been in my life for a very long time…the special feelings that I have with her, naturally I have this thought of wanting to spend the rest of my life with her. On 2nd May, I will marry my beloved friend, colleague and lover, Ms. Go So Young. Actually, to have the courage to come here and make this announcement was coming from all of you here. That’s why I want to get all of your best wishes first. Since the economic is in recession, we would like to keep a low profile on our wedding, we would like to thank everyone for their concerns. As Jang Dong Gun, the actor, I will work hard to make everyone proud(er) of him, please continue your support. Thank you.”

He announced this in from of his fans’ meeting. Besides the fans, there’s also his parents, his grandmother (and his other family members), his best friends (Han Jae Suk, Shin Min Ah, etc) who were there to witness this happy announcement.

Source: mydaily / SINA / english summary translation by fangorn @


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