[Pics – News] The Influence – Lee Byung Hun & Han Chae Young

Pics after the news…

Anyone knows where I can watch/download this (with subs, of course) ?

Lee Byung-hun tests his star power with online film project

Lee Byung-hun, who proved his star power with the high-profile action drama “IRIS,” is now attempting to extend his influence to the Web by playing a title role for an online film project.

“The Influence,” produced by Windsor Entertainment and Realize Pictures, has three parts, the first of which will be unveiled today at its homepage (www.the-djc.com).

Lee Jae-kyu, who makes a directorial debut with the online mystery flick, has gained reputation with his popular TV dramas such as “Damo” and “Beethoven Virus.”

The mystery film, set in a time period between 1907 and 2010, stars the Korean Wave heartthrob Lee, Han Chae-young, Chun No-min, and Kim Tae-woo. Lee plays a guide named W for a highly secretive place, Diamond Jubilee Club, where time and space get entangled over promises made years ago, with lethal consequences lurking.

W appears to be romantically related to J (Han Chae-young), a beautiful woman who for some reason gets trapped in a giant water tank. Into the complex relationship between W and J enters an auctioneer (Chun No-min), who is forced to make an irreversible and potentially precarious decision at the club.

Lee Byung-hun, whose soaring popularity in Korea and Japan is comparable to Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, recently boosted his profile outside Asia last year by playing a supporting role in a Hollywood flick “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

Source: Korea Herald


Source: mydaily / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


7 thoughts on “[Pics – News] The Influence – Lee Byung Hun & Han Chae Young

  1. i just downloaded the first part of this online movie last nite. unfortunately, there is no sub. i hope someone will sub it soon. i’ll e-mail you the download link if you want.

    • thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚ …how’s the movie look and feel (without the subs)? Is it good? >< ah dont tell me, I still want to watch it.

      Have you watched A Man Called God? LOL, this is the very first time I watched Song Il Kuk and the opening scene made me – is too … o_O … but I like the plot (or sound of it, on paper) so I may be continue watching it…

  2. he he … ti find the movie kinda strange and difficult to understand without the sub. as for Song Il Gook’s new drama … yes, i’ve seen it. it’s based on a comic or sth … that’s why the story is like that. SIG is really handsome but i don’t really dig his look in the drama … he’s looking too thin (despite all the abs). and yeah … just like saf, i don’t really like Han Chae Young, look and acting-wise. too bad that that she’s in both The Influence and AMCG.

    i can’t wait to see Cinderella’s Sister cos i like all the main actors in it (except for that 2PM guy). Also Personal Taste with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho… and Oh My Lady with Chae Rim. now … if only the male lead was not that Super Junior guy, it would have been perfect for me!!

  3. UH … one more drama that i really really can’t wait to watch … Bad Guy!! seen the trailer for it … it’s a serious and dark drama but looks good and quite intense. i love Kim Nam Gil (he was known as Lee Han before and he’s one of the leads in my favourite gay-themed movie, No Regrets) and Kim Jae Wook (waffle guy in Coffee Prince). sadly, the drama’s choice of its lead actress is … bleh. Han Ga In, IMO is a pretty weak actress. i hope she proves me wrong in this drama.

    uhmm … the title reminds me of my favourite Kim Ki Deok’s movie, Bad Guy. have you seen it?

  4. nope, never watched KKD movie… aiyah, Im always playing catchup in K-movieland. Btw Cinderella Sister and Bad Guy…Im more interested in Cinderella Sister (CJM + MGY + Seo Woo are a BIG factor here). However, I hope it is not overly melodramatic!!

    And Im not sure if have the time to (actually) watch Cinderella Sister, Bad Guy at the same time with the other “old” drama like IRIS, Pasta, Wish Upon a Star and God of Study (not skipping, like I always do). Moreover, Im watching Nodame Cantabile (Finale) anime and this Taiwanese drama, Down with Love. I also intend to start (somehow) watch Bloody Monday – the DVD is my friend’s … ><

  5. WHOAH … that’s a lot to watch. we’re the same … i also have a lot to catch up … especially with the movies. but then that depends on whether i can manage to find the subs for them.

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