[Music] Songs 9th Feb 2010

Songs that I’ve been listening to right now…


Victor Wong – I thought…

OHHH I really love this song, ever since I first heard it when I was watching Autumn Concerto’s (Next Stop, Happiness). It truly tells the story of TuoYe’s feelings towards MuCheng. It was a very sad song but sometimes love do happens that way >< .

The other reason, besides the lyrics, why I like this song is the way Victor sings it – somehow, when you listens to his singing, you “feel” the emotion of the song ~~ it’s more powerful when you are watching the scenes and listens to the song.

Rhymer – If It Rains (feat. Soul Star)

It’s been really really long time since I heard any Soul Star’s new song. Well, strictly speaking, this is not Soul Star’s new song – it’s Rhymer’s song but you can really hear all 3 members of SS 🙂 I’m happy ~~

MISIA – Work It Out

The song is taken from her JUST BALLADE album. There are quite a number of songs that I like in that album 🙂 . It’s been a long time since I listened to her voice and wow~ still good. She is one of the only Japanese female singer that I would really listens to and buy the album.

I want to do a romanization of this song but I cant find the kanji lyrics – if you know where to find the kanji lyrics, let me know …thanks.


One thought on “[Music] Songs 9th Feb 2010

  1. I’ve been listening to Misia’s new album alot. It’s a great album and I have several favorite songs.
    Utada Hikaru is another great artist, she writes and composes her songs herself.

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