Tamaki Hiroshi in Seoul to promote upcoming concert

Yep, he’s in Seoul last Fri (29th Jan) to promote his upcoming Seoul concert. The concert will be held on 6th March. It is the first stop of his Asian Tour (wonder which countries will he be going to – but I guess the big cities like Taipei, HK, Beijing/Shanghai, etc).

He had an autograph session on 30th Jan and a special party on the same night.

He also mentioned that he had been to Seoul 3 times but this was the first time he came to Seoul as a singer. It was one of his dream to open a concert here, therefore he was very happy.

These are pictures of the concert press con.

Source: mydaily / SINA / pictures reuploaded and information translated by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi in Seoul to promote upcoming concert

  1. he’s so goodlooking …love him as Chiaki senpai but his dressing is … *speechless*! by the way do you listen to his music. i’ve tried but couldn’t really appreciate his voice and music.

    • LOL, Japanese way of dressing – you kinda have to either love it or hate it.

      I never listens to his music but I guess it’s the rock type? I dont really listens to rock type unless it’s from Mr.Children. I can’t explain why only Mr.Children. It’s just that they played the music that I can appreciate…

  2. heh heh … another good example would be the beautiful Jo Odagiri. his dressing and various hairstyles are just waaaaay too weird!! nasib baik dia hensem …!!

    i’ve downloaded some songs of Hiroshi Tamaki but they are not to my liking. i think the genre is rock … can’t really remember. but i remember thinking that he doesn’t have a good singing voice. it’s like in the case of Naohito Fujiki … i also couldn’t get into his music nor his voice.

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