[Pics-Trailer] A Brand New Life

LOL, since I only heard of this movie recently, I thought I can find something in Cine21 or HanCinema … well I did…here are the pics and trailer for the movie.

The little girl (Kim Sae Ron) is cute 🙂 .

Official site is here.

Source: Cine21 / pictures reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


Note: Please wait for it to buffer completely before watching it – better than way 🙂


7 thoughts on “[Pics-Trailer] A Brand New Life

  1. the storyline is great … i love this kind of movie. there are some great actors and actresses in the movie … Sol Kyung Go, Oh Man Seok and i believe in picture no. 7, that is the girl who played Song Kang Ho’s daughter in The Host. Korea has quite a number of talented child actors already … this little girl is definitely a new addition to that list.

  2. yup … that’s her name. she’s now acting with Yo Seung Ho (that cute brat in the movie The Way Home) in a new drama, God of Study.

  3. oh my!! i found the movie and watched it without sub. it is so hearbreakingly sad and i cried profusely even though i didn’t understand a word. the children actors are so good, as good as their adult counterparts. now i need to look for the sub!!

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