Other Korean films in upcoming Berlin Film Festival 2010

Well, I could find only 3 films listed on the site but it should be 4 more (?).

In the Forum section, there are “I’m in Trouble” and “Our Fantastic 21st Century”. “A Brand New Life” is slotted in the Generation (14+) category. We all know that “The Naked Kitchen” is invited in the Culinary section.

So according the news report below, I should be able to find “Actresses” in the Panorama section film stills but couldn’t.

E J-Yong’s Actresses Invited to Berlin

Director E J-yong’s latest tantalizing feature, a semi-fictional drama starring 6 of Korea’s best-known actresses, is to screen in the Panorama section of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival (Feb 11-21), according to a press release by the film’s distributor Showbox Mediaplex.

Aptly titled Actresses, the film stars YOON Yeo-jeong, LEE Mi-sook, KO Hyun-joung, CHOI Ji-woo, KIM Ok-vin, and KIM Min-hee as themselves, meeting on Christmas Eve for a multi-generational fashion spread for Vogue magazine.  The film was co-scripted by the cast, who appear to confess their anxieties and ambitions during the photo shoot.

The film had its local release Dec 10. It is the director’s 5th feature, following the spicy teen romp Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006) and the elegantly depraved Untold Scandal (2003).

Actresses is the second Korean film to receive an official invitation to Berlin this year, following SO Sang-min’s debut I’m in Trouble, which was officially invited to the Forum section after winning the Pusan Int’l Film Festival’s New Currents award.

Source: KOFIC

Berlin invites A Brand New Life and Actress

A Brand New Life – directed by Korean-French adoptee Ounie Lecomte and produced by LEE Chang-dong – and E. J-yong’s Actress have been invited by 60th Berlin International Film Festival.

According to Berlin on 18 December, A Brand New Life has been officially invited to the Generation section and Actress to the Panorama section. Children’s section Generation is divided in a section for the youngest (Kplus) and for teenagers (14plus). A Brand New Life will feature in the 14plus section.

A Brand New Life is the struggle of a Korean girl who is abandoned at an orphanage by her father and adopted to France and stars The Host actress GO A-sung.

Actress features some of Korea’s leading ladies in cinema from different generations who play actresses roles. The actresses come together for a shoot and rivalry ensues.

Berlin is set to open on 11 February.

Source: KOFIC


One thought on “Other Korean films in upcoming Berlin Film Festival 2010

  1. the movie Actresses sounds quite interesting and i love Lee Mi Sook and Kim Min Hee!! i have enjoyed the director’s Untold Scandal despite my dislike for Bae Young Jun but Dasepo not so much. it seems that he likes Lee Mi Sook and Kim Ok Bin since both have been in his movies previously.

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