LotteFamily Concert – Rain, Big Bang, Wheesung

Concert info for the Lotte Family 30th Anni concert. They have Big Bang, Rain, 2PM, etc.

The Japanese website to book ticket (based on which night of concert that you want to go to) is here.

There will be 2 nights:

Night #1 – 5th March – Bi (Rain), Lee Seung Chul, Kim Tae Woo, Wheesung
* Bi is slated to perform 7 songsΒ  *

Night #2 – 6th March – Big Bang, SNSD, 2NE1, 2PM
* Big Bang to perform 7 songs *

Note: * the number of songs is what I understand from the J-text…

Since I wont be able to go (obviously), I wonder if there will be live clips available πŸ™‚ ..


6 thoughts on “LotteFamily Concert – Rain, Big Bang, Wheesung

  1. if i were able to go, id’ definitely not gonna miss the night with Big Bang and 2NE1. aaargh … i also want to see Wheesung!! heh heh …

    okay … if i find any videos of this concert … i’ll tell you. i bet you want the one of Wheesung rite??!

    • Yes, the one with wheesung…but if have big bang lol, maybe can also give me…I never actually watched any big bang performances …

      …actually, last year, I missed the opportunity to watch Wheesung in concert. It’s a show in Japan where there’s SG Wannabe and many others. I didn’t know Wheesung will be there!!! I was there (Tokyo) that Saturday, I didn’t know. If I knew, I would have paid that 300++ MYR to watch him la…

      He’s going to the army in the coming future because he was born in 1982 so should have receive the army enlistment notice (like all 1981-1982 children). So dont think I will be attending to any of his concert for many years afterwards… ><

      • OHOH ~ I just found out that Big Bang will be performing in Kobe on 13th Feb … I will be around there la… but I do not really listens to Big Bang wor… and it’s 8000 yen – that’s roughly (40×8) 320 MYR o_O

        anyway, probably all the tickets have been sold out already πŸ˜› Big Bang is really popular there la.

  2. woah … you’ve been to Japan? or are you still in Japan? yes … i think it’s one of the concerts for their Electric Love Tour. if i were there i’d definitely go. read about their Big Show 2010 which ended a couple of days ago in Korea which was excellent and a total fun … hi hi … with 60 fans had to be carted off to emergency room due to fainting.

    and you’re right … most probably there is no more ticket available. tickets for their concerts sold out in mere minutes.

  3. i’d love to go to Japan and Korea but i don’t want to live there … well, at least not for a long term. if only i can go to either countries for a short course or something!!!

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