[Poster+Pics] Jianyu JiangHu (Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo Sung)

Is this the 2nd Chinese movie that Jung Woo Sung is starring in ? He’s in China a lot ah these days ~~

I’m not too happy about the poster because it only has (Datuk) Michelle Yeoh’s name in it and not Jung Woo Sung… why? He’s the lead actor – shouldn’t you put the lead actor and actress names on the poster ???!!! o_O

^ so this film has Barbie Hsu in it too…


This first batch of John Woo-produced romantic martial art thriller ‘Jianyu Jianghu’ starring Malaysian Michelle Yeoh and South Korean Jung Woo-sung are released online Friday.

The filming has been continuing in Hengdian film base, Zhejiang Province.

Taiwan director Su Chaopin said on Thursday that the film is customized for Michelle Yeoh, who plays an assassin who falls in love with a man whose father was killed by her gang and gives up on her assassin’s life.

South Korean actor Jung Woo-Song from ‘A Good Rain Knows’ will play her love interest, whose character is also a trained martial artist.

Their love blossoms but then the past comes back to haunt them.

Michelle Yeoh never disappoints audiences as a daring heroine and she is as calm and composed as in her role in Ang Lee’s ‘Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.’

“Jianyu Jiangwu”, literally “the rain of swords in the martial art world”, also stars actors Barbie Hsu, Kelly Lin, Shawn Yu and Wang Xueqi.

The film is slated for release during this National Day holiday.

Source (all): CRIEnglish / pictures reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “[Poster+Pics] Jianyu JiangHu (Michelle Yeoh, Jung Woo Sung)

  1. huh? isn’t it common that the names of both the lead actor and actress are put on the poster? kinda unfair … maybe they think having Michelle Yeoh’s name will sufficiently attract people to watch the movie because of her Hollywood status. i’m not that excited about this movie though just because i’m not a fan of any of the actors.

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