[Pics] You’re Beautiful

LOL, I intended to post these pictures since ages ago (well, one/two weeks back). But you know la, everyday there’re new stuff coming out. These pictures are higher resolution so you can actually take them and set it as your wallpaper.

JKS is having (or was) a fans’ meeting in Seoul this week (end of Jan) and I read that he will show pictures of himself (since he was born) that were not previously released before. He will also sang some songs, etc.

Then after the fans’ meeting, he will go on a Asian tour (Mar – May) to promote YAB – yep, he will come to Singapore – so M’sian fans need to go to SG to meet him – if you are able to get the tickets… šŸ˜›

Park Shin Hye, I heard, is going to concentrate on her studies. Not sure what’s her next drama/movie will be.

We all know what Jung Yong Hwa will be doing these coming months – busy with his band, CNBlue, promoting their first mini-album. Their song, I’m a Loner, is a chart-topper. I like their mini album. Really nice songs šŸ™‚ .

As for Lee Hong Ki – eh…I dont know le. Not keeping updated with what FT Island/Triple is doing these days. I do hope he will come back to dramaland. I want to watch Lee Hong Ki acting in drama / movie.

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures / click for actual dimension

^ This picture is just too cute~~~

^ I love this picture ~~ “bromance” ? LOL~~~

^ this is actually good wallpaper stuff !

^ actually, if you look closely at Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye – they have the same face type, IMO.

^ I like this picture out of all the individual pictures (refer below) – is also good wallpaper picture – you can stare at his face for a long time~~

^too thin O_O, thinner than when he’s in BV.

Source: SINA / pictures reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


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