CNBlue – The plagiarism case

I guess this is important news to translate, even though Im having trouble translating their names.  ><

Im going to post the translation news in short point form – easier for me, no need to worry too much about the flow of translation.

Since Im having trouble with the names, let’s use some initials to represent the important person(s) mentioned below:

  • JM – the Chinese name used here is “”朱梦 – so it’s “Joo XXX” – he’s one of the members of YNOT and the composer for “Bluebird”.
  • KDH – Kim Do Hoon, the composer of “I’m a Loner”.

Now for the news:

1. CNBlue’s “Im a Loner” is said to have plagiarised part of YNOT’s “Bluebird” song.

2. After YNOT member and composer of “Bluebird”, JM,  heard “I’m a Loner”, he felt that there were a lot of similaries between the song and his song. He said that this issue is between the composers for both songs and NOT between members of both bands.

3. JM said that CNBlue, as a newcomer, is very outstanding in a lot of aspects and hope that they won’t be affected by this issue.

4. In response to the accusation by CNBlue’s management agency that YNOT is using CNBlue to get some media attention, JM said that it is an insult to YNOT (which has been established for 13 years) and all Korea’s underground band. If the agency continues to insult YNOT, they will take legal action against the agency to protect their dignity.

5. A Korean magazine has invited some musical experts to identify if there are any similarities between the songs and they have proved that “I’m a Loner” did have copied some  parts from “Bluebird”.

6. Due to this accusation, netizens have revealed some interesting things regarding the composer of “I’m a Loner”, Kim Do Hoon. He has been involved in some plagiariasm dispute before.

7. The article reported the songs that KDH has been accused of plagiarism before are Lee Hyori “GetYa”, Yangpa “Since Knowing You”, WAX “In the End, It’s You”, GavinJ “LIE” and Lee Seung Gi “Let’s Breakup”.

Source: SINA / mydaily / summary notes English translation by fangorn @ / full credit when posting elsewhere
Note: I’m translating based on my understanding of the source article, correct me if I somehow misunderstand the article


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