8 Korean films invited to Rotterdam Fest

OK, I think I managed to find out the other 5 films, besides the ones listed in the news below. Paju is the opening film for the festival (read below for the news).

They are:

Im not sure about this film, Elbowroom – is it a documentary or a film? The info provided by IFFR didnt state any cast … ????

Looking at the list of all the films (shorts or full-length), there are a lot from M’sia and Japan, too. …ooooo~~~ in that case, I need to post another thread on these films…hmm…

Eight Korean films invited to Rotterdam fest

Eight Korean films have been invited to the 2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam set to open in the Dutch city next week, including Park Chan-ok’s “Paju,” earlier named as the festival opener, according to Yonhap News.

Moscow” by Whang Cheol-mean and “Mother” by Bong Joon-ho will be screened in its Spectrum section dedicated to established filmmakers worldwide. Moscow tells the story of two former school friends who reunite years later on opposite ends of the social ladder. Mother presents a poignant drama about a mother who goes to extremes to save her mentally ill son, accused of being a murderer.

Source: Korea Herald

News about Paju opening at IFFR 2010 – the trailer is there

Official IFFR 2010 site

Paju official website

2 thoughts on “8 Korean films invited to Rotterdam Fest

  1. mmm … Soo is not quite new rite? i’ve only seen that, Paju and Running Turtle. i’m really interested to see Eighteen and Cafe Noir. i really like the lead actress in Paju. seen her in the drama Tamra and she’s going to be in a remake of a Korean movie, Housemaid together with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Do Yeon. that is quite an accomplishment for a young and new actress liker her. watching her i believe that she’s going to go far cos she’s just good (just like her sunbae, Jeon Do Yeon).

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