Lee Byung Hun, Han Chae Young and Kim Tae Woo in an internet series?

Oh, I guess this is a first for LBH… has he been in internet series before?

I wonder if Kim Tae Woo has any songs in this series 🙂 Wait!!, this Kim Tae Woo is not the same as the singer Kim Tae Woo, I think…. O_O

Talking about internet series, I need to catch up (rewatch) Soul Special – Ive forgotten which episode that I’ve stopped watching >< Does anyone knows any place to download Soul Special ??

Lee Byung-hun to star in internet series

Lee, alongside co-stars Han Chae-young and Kim Tae-woo, will team up with veteran director Lee Jae-kyu for the upcoming film.

Lee Jae-kyu has previously helmed the popular television series “Da Mo,” and “Beethoven Virus.”

The series will be split into three 60-minute segments that will jump forward and backwards in time over the span of 100 years from 1907 to 2007. Not much is known about the plot but according to the film’s production company, the films will focus on themes which deal with the difficut choices people who are at a crossroads make in life and about characters trying to fulfill promises.

The film will be penned by “Beethoven Virus” scribe Hong Jin-aah and will premiere online in early March.


Byung-hun is set to star in a series of internet shorts titled “Influence,” according to REALies Pictures yesterday.

Source: Korea Herald


6 thoughts on “Lee Byung Hun, Han Chae Young and Kim Tae Woo in an internet series?

    • I think these series are only available and watch online. Like So Ji Sub’s U-Turn and Han Hyo Joo’s (the lead girl of Brilliant Legacy) Soul Special. They are short, I think 15 mins (?) 30 mins (?), for each episode. I remembered U-Turn is very very short. Besides these series, I dont know others.

  1. i think i’ve seen So Ji Seob’s U-Turn. the story is kinda strange rite? about a girl who is supposed to be dead but not dead? aargh … i can’t remember the storyline.

    • U-Turn’s about a dead girl who wanted to visit/know the kind guy who always leave a bouquet of flowers in her graveyard when he visits his mom (?) . But the story dont start that way LOL, it started out with her not knowing why she’s in the boot of the guy’s car… I absolutely love the theme song from this drama, though… 🙂

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