Andy enlisted (11th Jan)

Pictures of the fans sending him off  to the army..

Those orange balloons – they are Shinhwa’s colour, aren’t they?  >< sorry, Im not too familiar with group’s colour…

So we will going to see him in 2012 (is that correct…**starts calculating with my ten fingers ** 😛 )

Source: mydaily / SINA

18 thoughts on “Andy enlisted (11th Jan)

  1. yup … orange is Shinhwa’s color. i really miss the boys as a group!! hi hi … Shinhwa is my first Korean boy band love. Big Bang is first in my heart now but Shinhwa is still one of my favourites. i also love FT Island.

    • Actually, Im not really into boy bands. I prefer individual singers more :P, although I do listen to vocal groups like SG, Monday Kiz, Someday, etc. I only found out who Lee Hong Ki is after I watched You’re Beautiful. LOL, I don’t even know he’s the lead vocal for FT Island, even though I’ve tried to listen to them or watch their MVs… see, Im that slow 😀

  2. naah … it’s individual preference. i also love those singers you mentioned above, in fact there are more of those kind of singers whom i listen to than the ‘idol singers’. those three (and 2NE1) are the only ‘idol singers’ that i’m interested in and whose stuffs i buy.

    i haven’t watched fully YAB cos i’m not so fond of Jang Geun Seuk and the lead actress. Hong Ki was a child actor and he has an amazing voice. i just wish he gets a better role next time.

    • eh… I grew fond of JKS, after watching the drama (actually I dont know who he is before) but I don’t like his makeup / overall image of his character – too may eyeliner (that spoiled his face) and he way too thin…. I checked out 2 old movies from him (doremifasolatido and Baby & Me) and also Beethoven Virus. Those character images were better than the one he had in YAB.

      Have you checked out Jung Yong Hwa’s C.N.Blue debut performance. 🙂 quite nice, the song and performance.

      Park Shin Hye is OK in YB, she’s cute and all (of course, not as cute as LHK!). I absolutely love her in Tree of Heaven and Stairway to Heaven. But in Goong S, well, I didn’t finish that drama so cant comment too much.

  3. yes yes … i think i have another one added to my favourite boy bands list!! i love their voices and their debut song is quite addictive. definitely going to keep both eyes on these young boys. my fav would be curly boy Jong Hyun … what a voice! i hope they stay true to the kind of music they are doing now. please watch this vid … i dunno why but Yong Hwa with that hairstyle reminds me of Takuya Kimura … look-wise!

    i’m not a fan of Park Shin Hye … she’s pretty and her acting is okay but i just can’t seem to like her. when i saw her in YAB, i keep comparing her to Eun Hye in Coffee Prince and always find her lacking. maybe i love Eun Hye just too much!! heh heh …
    i’ve never finished watching any of her dramas too … Tree of Heaven is too melodramatic (though i love Lee Wan), it makes me ‘tired’ watching it and Stairway to Heaven is not to my liking too as i can’t stand all the adult lead actors except Shin Hyun Joong. Goong S doesn’t interest me at all.

    • LOL, I actually didnt finish STH either – I only finished the “children” part 😛 and skipped a LOT of the adult part (not interesting, cliche, draggy, etc) until the ending muahahhahaha…

      I watched ToH because of Lee Wan and since it was short, I can watched all without skipping 😛 …

      CNBlue – Have you listened to their japanese singles – or rather, the singles that they released in Japanese but the songs are not actually Japanese ? 🙂

      • they sing in English in their Japanese mini albums. Jong Hwa’s English is quite good since he used to live in the US if i’m not mistaken. i like the kind of music they do … a bit different even from those by FT Island. sadly, they are now being hit by accusation of plagiarsim for their title track I’m A Loner. well … i don’t really care to read more on that. whether there is plagiarism or not, let the court of law decides it (the same applies in the case of my beloved GD … heh heh). they are still great to me and i wish them good luck in getting through this ‘problem’.

      • yeah, I heard about those accusation but I dont know la…let them sort it out. When I listened to their japanese mini albums, I was expecting them to sing in Japanese actually. I was like o_O ? why in English???

        What/Who is GD???

        Since you like them, have you watched the latest Golden Fishery show? It has both Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa. I am tempted to download it but aiyah, there’s no subs…how to understand what they are saying?

      • auntie yah, GD is gdragon from big bang…

        i love shinhwa!!! will miss andy T_T hopefully he and eric can be in the same camp or something

  4. uh … i used to like JGS when i saw him as Jeon Do Yeon’s brother in Love in Prague and Hwang Jini (he’s cute as a button) but now i find him too feminine looking to my taste … even when he tried to act all sexy and manly it’s creepy. it’s not that i don’t like feminine looking guys … i do but i find him, Tae Min of SHINee and Jae Joong ‘feminine’ look is just too much.

    • is he in Lover in Prague O_O I didnt know – he must be very young then . The one thing I really really like about him is his killer smile! ** Melts whatever in his path **

  5. have you seen his latest film? it is based on a true story of a murder occured at a burger king joint in Korea. the accused were two korean-american boys. JGS acted as one of them and he spoke in english in it. i read that he had been to NZ for an exchange student program or sth, so he can speak a bit of english. anyways, i find his pronunciation barely bearable … heh heh.

  6. i’ve seen their cut … if i’m not mistaken Yong Hwa sort of rap there? his english sounds pretty good.

    GD (G-Dragon) is the leader of Big Bang who came out with an album last year titled Heartbreaker (which i love to bits). he’s accused of plagiarising Flo-rida (i dunno how to exactly spell the name … never heard of his songs, not even after this accusation). i don’t really care … if there is anything amounting to plagiarism, then those concerned would have taken the appropriate action. and if they do, let the court decide. i’m just so sick of reading all the comments bashing him and all.

    as regard JGS’s new film … yup that’s the title of movie. and that Funeral titled movie … if i’m not mistaken it’s a short film or part of an omnibus film. found the download links but i can’t download them since they are rapidshare links.

    • WOOoot … found downloadable links for Members of the Funeral (in megaupload). i’ll e-mail to you if you want them. it has sub.

      • ooh please do 🙂 thanks.

        — as for GD, oh, that’s the first time I heard about it – err…I dont really keep track of Big Bang news. But I would like them to go to TW to promote a bit. Im sick of watching SM groups in all those TW music awards. Big Bang, IMO, is WAY better than them. **oops**did I just confess that I dont like SM groups** ><

        — I havent actually managed to recognised Yong Hwa's voice so in their songs, I dont really know who sings what :O.

  7. i’m sorry … can you give me your e-mail address? i couldn’t access anymore that particular hotmail account where i stored your e-mail.

    AAh … i’m glad that you prefer Big Bang. i am proud to say that i am a true VIP. even though i’m not a member of their fanclub, i have all their albums and dvds and will continue to support them no matter what!! chewah …!! i’m also not a fan of SM artists except for Shinhwa who is no more in SM anyways. i do listen to a few songs of DBSK but that’s all … and as for those new boybands and girlbands which keep on sprouting, i have became so sick of them … they all look like clones of one another especially the girls and their songs are nothing to rave about. that’s why CN Blue got me hooked on them the first time i heard them cos they are like a breath of fresh air!! it’s like the first time i heard Big Bang … kinda different from the rest and so unique.

    as far as i can tell, Yong Hwa is the main vocal in all the songs except for I Will … Forget, the last track in the Bluetory album, it is Jong Hyeon. hi hi … he’s my favourite by the way.

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