[Pics] Go Soo magazine photoshoot

He has a new drama (melodramatic type) out called Will It Snow For Christmas? . I am still thinking if I want to watch it after it ends its run (now it is at Ep8/9, not sure).

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^ I like the T-shirt 🙂

Source: High Cut / SINA / pictures re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


11 thoughts on “[Pics] Go Soo magazine photoshoot

  1. i’m watching the drama and i like it a lot. Except for Han Ye Seul, i think the main actors in it are great. Go Soo has such an expressive (and beautiful) eyes. The other guy is also good in his acting … never seen him in any drama before.

  2. I really want to see the movie he did with Son Ye Jin into the white night.
    Their chemistry seems great.
    Yeah, I would watch will it snow for christmas but Han Ye Seul even though she was great in fantasy couple she does not as convincing in this.
    I wish they would have cast another actress instead.

  3. Im reading the summary @ Dramabeans coz ah…no bandwidth to watch…

    Im also interested in Pasta right now… food, romantic comedy – the type of drama that I like 🙂

  4. hi hi … Pasta is also nice. IMO, Gong Hyo Jin is one of the best young actress in Korea. she may not be stunningly beautiful but i love watching her.

    actually, i never find Han Ye Seul great in her acting. i guess she can carry the kind of role in dramas like Fantasy Couple but for WISFC, i would’ve loved to see Moon Chae Won, the sister in Brilliant Legacy to play Ye Seul’s role. i think she’s really great in Brilliant Legacy, even better than Han Hyoo Joo.

    • Ah…but where to download Pasta? I’ve read dramabeans’ summary until Ep3 and so far, I like what I’ve read… do you know where can download ?

      As for WISFC, I don’t think I ever watched HYS act before…lol, so maybe that’s a plus for me coz I wont be expecting anything from her. But da story is just too >< …well, I think Im sticking to reading the summaries until it ends its run…then ahahahah I go and download it (slowly).

    • ah..cashewmania has begin to upload the files…it is now up to Ep4 and withs2 has started subbing (only Ep1) but Im so happy 🙂

      But I have to wait until I finish all the drama that Im watching now >< …

  5. oh really? i haven’t checked Cashewmania yet. theirs is the 700 mb ones rite? i love downloading the 720p video for those dramas that i love (like Iris, WISFC, ChuNo and Pasta) cos when i burn them as dvd, the picture is sooooooo darn clear, better than the ‘original’ dvd sold here in Malaysia.

    • what’s the diff btw the ones by cashewmania and that 720p ones? I downloaded Ep 1 but havent watched … I need to finish some other backlogged drama first.

      Actually, not just the picture but the subs are way better than the one in the DVD 🙂 . I always liked WithS2 subs. They are #1 !

      • 720p video is about 1.3 to 1.4 gb. the picture is really really clear. that’s why for my favourite dramas, i always try to get the 720p ones. to tell you the truth i don’t even know what 720p stands for. heh heh … there is also a 450p ones which is about 700++ or 800++ mb, which has clearer picture than the ones commonly uploaded (such as that at cashewmania).

      • ah I think the “p” refers to “pixels” – screen resolution. The ones that I’ve downloaded are pretty clear to me – their file size are about 700-800mb. I think those are 450p ? not sure. I cant download the 1.3+ GB coz it’s too bit. Im using direct download – dont have BT on my laptop.

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