[Pics] Jeon Woo Chi – Kang Dong Won, Im Soo Jung

Ah..I finally found this movie by Kang Dong Won (that I mentioned I heard about it but don’t know the film title). It is currently airing in S.Korea (opened on 23rd Dec) and I have checked the latest B.O. (week of 25th Dec). It is currently at #2. #1 is Avatar.

Official site is here.  Judging from the stills and posters, the movie sounds fun 🙂

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures / click on individual pic for actual dimension



^ The Hero

^ The Villain

^ The Leading Lady

The Master (of the Hero) (I guess?)

One of the Hero’s sidekick

^ 2 more sidekicks

^ Hmm… don’t know who is she…

^ this is the Director, Choi Dong Hoon

Source: Cine21 / CJ Entertainment / pictures  re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


13 thoughts on “[Pics] Jeon Woo Chi – Kang Dong Won, Im Soo Jung

  1. Im Soo Jeong is a good actress but i am a bit disappointed in her as i believe that she has succumbed to plastic surgery. she looks really really different now and no … it’s not the make-up.

    as for that other girl (one you said you don’t know), she was in the drama Queen of Housewives and as of now, she’s staring in the drama Will It Snow for Christmas together with Go Soo (he’s soooooooooooooo gorgeous!!) and Han Ye Seul. can’t remember her name though.

    • OH…that girl, I know who she is now but I also dont know her name.

      Did she (Im Soo Jung) done plastic surgery? Why??? I thought she looked just fine all these years. o_O I like her too but I havent seen her latest movies these days.

  2. I don’t think ISJ has had any plastic surgery recently (though I don’t know if she did prior in the past…). If you compare her present and past pictures, she just lost a bit of weight and, quite honestly, different make-up/hairstyle.

  3. i’ve seen her earlier drama with Gong Yoo … School (i think that’s the title of the drama) and i think her nose now is smaller and ‘slimmer’ than before. well yeah … whether she did it or not, it doesn’t take away the fact that she’s one of the best young actresses in Korea.

  4. I absolutely love Kang Dong Won, he was so droolworthy in duelist.
    The other actress is Sun Woo Sun and she looks quite fierce there, I’m not so sure about Im Soo Jung though(about the ps).
    It would not suprise me though, somehing about her face always struck me as not natural even though she looks great.

    • ah then you will like him in Sworn Brothers – from the trailer, he looks even more droolworthy. I heard that he will make another movie before he enlist.

  5. yeah … Kang Dong Won is sooooo pweeetty in Duelist. prettier than Ha Ji Won even!! what new movie is he going to do before enlisting? so many new movies that i want to see besides Sworn Brothers … including Ryu Seung Beom and Sol Kyung Goo’s new movie, No Mercy.

    • ah The Duelist…it’s a strange film for me – lol, after watching it, it reminds me of a romantic dance movie (u know like Strictly Ballroom – those kind), rather than a martial arts movie.

      I havent found out what will be his last movie before enlistment – I just “heard” about it… I will try to find info on it. Maybe, it’s Sworn Brothers O_O … but that couldn’t be because Sworn Brothers will be opening soon…hmm….

  6. aah … Strictly Ballroom … you’ve watched it? i love that movie … so funny and the dance by the leads especially at the end of it is so nice. dunno how many times have i watched the movie already.

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