DBSK no more

I didnt actually keeping in tabs with what happened at SM Ent. these days. The DBSK issue and the Suju issue (Han Geng doing a similar thing like the 3 guys at DBSK). I guess most of the DBSK fans already knew of this news that I’ve just read about:

1. SM announced on 31st Dec 2009 that they will break-up DBSK. But SM Ent. havent decided when is the official break-up date.

2. They couldnt reach an agreement with Kim Jae Joong (Hero), Kim Jun Su (Xiah) and Park Yoo Chun (Micky).

3. The remaining 2 members, Jung Yun Ho (U-Know) and Shim Chang Min (Max), are staying in SM Ent.

I’ve read elsewhere that it will be difficult for some of them to survive individually – not too sure about that  as we don’t know what the future holds. Anyway, good luck to all of them.


2 thoughts on “DBSK no more

  1. ah, the disbanding rumour… but then the japanese management co denied the breakup. but if it’s really true then there’ll be no more dbsk concerts to go to T_T uwaaaa

    • ah I got it from the Chinese news and so far, they translated them from the Korean news so Im not sure it is 1000% true or still in “rumour” area. I cant find anything on Innolife or Mnet and that’s probably because they only post news on weekdays. So won’t know until they finally announce it?

      Im not sure of AVEX though

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