Joo Ji Hoon to enlist in the army in Feb 2010

I think it is a good thing to enlist in the army now. People needs time to forget about the drug case and 2+ years is good enough.

Joo Ji Hoon received the army enlistment noticed recently. He actually planned to enroll this month (December 2009) but due to various reasons, have postponed to next year February.

In the meantime, he has completed his community service sentence (for his drug case) on 19th August this year.

Source: mydaily / SINA / english brief translation by fangorn @

18 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon to enlist in the army in Feb 2010

  1. My heartfelt regards to Joo Ji Hoon. Looking forward to seeing him again in drama series or movies. Keep fighting! Miss you so much.

  2. I do hope he can make a comeback after his military service is over, they made a really huge thing out of the drugabuse(I know that drugs are a serious matter but they quite overreacted).
    I really liked him in Goong and Mawang.

  3. Yep, I do hope he will have a splashing comeback (like Robert Downey, Jr) when his military service is over. 3+ years (2+ years for the service and the 1 year (or so) where he was “freezed” from all media), I think, is long enough for most of the ppl out there to err…”forget” and “forgive”.

  4. Life ahead can be challenging but don’t lose hope, things happen for a reason..and always for a good reason. Learn from it, rise above it and with God’s grace will see you through it.
    May you find peace and abundance of love while you are in the military training. May you be renewed in spirit.

  5. It’s not he who falls that fails, but he who falls and does not rise again. I wish you a good break from the media, and hope you come back stronger en better, Joo Ji hoon

  6. ji hoon Oppa, hwaiting! i’m one of ur big fans and i always support you! i hope public will undestand bout ur scandal, and they would give u support 🙂

  7. Ditto all the good wishes. He’s done the community service, so put it behind him, learned the lesson. I hope they won’t tear him apart in the military about it, he’s gonna have to hang in there. His films Antique Bakery and Naked Kitchen were so excellent. All the best!

  8. yah….. jalani aja dengan penuh kesabaran ya oppa jo…. bukalah lembaran baru. ambil hikmah dr semua yg terjadi. ChayOo…..

  9. we wish u’ll be succses in the future,your familly,country,fans proud u,please comeback playing wth Yoon eun hae and kim jeong hoon again like princess hours…Please say No to Drug..bad experinces tobe a good teacher to us.

  10. i hope in his comeback!!! we miss him soooo muuuch !!!comeback to us !! his a good actor !!! i love it !! so AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!

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