[Pics] I’m a good downloader

Artists promoting legal downloads.

BTW, I hope I spelt their names right … >< and there are a few of them that I don’t know their names, please tell me if you know, thanks.

Jang Dong Gun

Jung Woo Sung

Hyun Bin

This is ??

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Ha Neul

Ha Ji Won

Song Gang Ho

Shin Mina

Uhm Jung Hwa (right?)

Ahn Sung Ki

This is ?? (I know his face, just dont know his name le)

Credit: Innolife / pictures re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “[Pics] I’m a good downloader

  1. Find 5 difference between top 2 pictures and you will win – a follow link maybe 🙂 (?)
    PS: the real problem is not in downloaders, but in sites who offers downloads. They should be good!

  2. the guy after Hyun Bin is Kim Joo Hyeok. he’s in Lovers in Prague with Jeon Do Yeon. and the last picture is that of Park Joong Hoon. he’s quite an established movie actor (never seen him in any drama). one of his movies is Nowhere to Hide with Ahn Seong Ki and Jang Dong Goon.

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