[Pics] Bisang movie

Just took a look at the Bisang movie site @ cine21. Have quite a number of pics that I havent see. I just realised that Bae Soo Bin is in this movie, well…I only know who is he after watching Brilliant Legacy! He was also in Fashion 70’s but how come I didnt recognise his face ah???

Oh, who’s the lead actress? Will someone please tell me?

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures

The Poster

The Stills

^ I like this image the most…

^ he looks good in black BUT that hairstyle needs to go ASAP!

Source: cine21 / pictures reuploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “[Pics] Bisang movie

  1. the lead actress is Kim Byeol. i think she plays his first love. i love Bae Soo Bin and his character in Brilliant Legacy. haven’t had the time yet to watch his latest drama Angel’s Temptation.

      • yup … he’s one of the leads. the storyline does sound interesting, but i don’t have the patience to watch this kind of story. heh heh …

  2. Current hottie oh gosh he practically looks good in every hairstyle even that anyhow-cut-hairstyle in East Of Eden.
    Prolly the cutest K-actor ever.

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