Bit news

Collection of very short news 🙂 .

Hollywood remake of “Dirty Carnival”

ah…this kind of news have no effect on me already…they are like remaking anything from Korea already. I wonder who will be playing JIS character and that “traitor” director friend. Read full news here.

Akanishi Jin’s debut movie, Bandage, has a trailer now

Directed by You can watch it on the official site here or Nippon Cinema site here.  Movie will opens in cinema on 16th Jan 2010.  Has “LANDS” released any songs so far?

Korean Film Festival in GSC Mid-Valley

OH, there is one? Well, the dates are from 30th Oct – 4th Nov. The films are:

  1. My Mother, the Mermaid (2004)
  2. Seven Days (2007)
  3. Sa-Kwa (2008)
  4. Our School’s E.T. (2008)

More information here. Im not really interested in the movies being screened here…


One thought on “Bit news

  1. eewww … Hollywood is at it again. Dirty Carnival is great as it is. hopefully, they don’t ‘butcher’ it. uh … Korean Movies Fest at mid valley?? no chance for me to go since i don’t live in KL anymore but fortunately, i’ve seen all those movies already. you should watch My Mother, the Mermaid. it’s good and i find it kinda sad at the end. love it more since it’s a Jeon Do Yeon and Park Hae Il’s movie. i bet a lot of girls (those who are fans of Boys Over Flowers drama)would be going for Our School’s E.T since it has Lee Min Ho in it.

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