Khalil Fong – Timeless

ah….I didnt realise he has a new album out until – like 2 weeks ago when I “stumbled” upon his album in the video store.  I didn’t get to listen to this album until yesterday…

It has 10 songs in it: 3 chinese, 1 spanish (it is spanish right? O_O), and the rest (6) are English songs.

What I like:

1. His remake of all the 3 chinese songs.  Haha, “狂潮” (or Frenzy Tide?) and “Ji De” (Remember) made me looked up the original version in imeem/youtube.  I think this is a first time that I listened to a male version of “Red Bean” 🙂 .

2.  “La Bamba” – LOL, I didnt expect him to sing in err… spanish… and it’s the soul / lounge (dont know how to describe) version of La Bamba!

3. Nothing’s gonna change my love, Moon River – like these versions here 🙂 .

What I dont like:

1. Bad – just dont like his version.

2. You Are The Sunshine of My Life – dont like the female voice. don’t really like the whole song overall…

Conclusion: will definitely buy this album 🙂

Red Bean MV

Credit: mengsion


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