Sophie’s Revenge just opened here!

I only realised it when I was browsing the Chinese Newspaper during lunch time. It’s rated PG13 and the only place to watch this is in Mid-Valley. I’m thinking of going there on Sun, after my lunch date with my sis…

I don’t know why it is only showing in Mid-Valley since I don’t think it is listed as uhm…International Screen.

This is the mandarin site of the movie. The site loads real slow for me, or maybe my internet line sucks >_< .

On a side note, I've finally bought Memories of Bali… and O_O, SJS is really really melting my heart there. He looks good in anything šŸ™‚ …

I wonder, is JIS taller than SJS? JIS is also very good in that drama. I don't like that "villain" girl (don't know what's her name) but I wish I have that body of hers… O_O .


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