SS501 to tour Asia

So they will be here for a concert. Don’t really listens to them but interesting that they includes M’sia as part of their Asian tour (u know, here la…korean concerts are rare like diamond).

The latest hallyu star SS501 is going to launch their first Asia concert tour. Starting in Seoul on August 1st, the idol group is going to travel to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Singapore for the next four months to hold a total of 15 shows.

The concept for the group’s latest tour is “persona.” True to the concert concept, each member is going to show his unique persona through individual performances. SS501 promises electrifying and unforgettable concerts. Their repertoire will include new adaptations of their old hits, and the first-ever releases of their newest songs and the music videos from their second regular album.

The first shows of the Asia tour will be held in the Olympic Park in Seoul on August 1st and 2nd.

Source: KBS World


2 thoughts on “SS501 to tour Asia

  1. they are going to Malaysia!!!!!!!^^
    can’t wait for them to come here..
    but i can’t go to their concert..=_________=”
    maybe i’ll just wait them at the airport ^^ 2PM gonna be in Malaysia this august?

  2. not a fan at all.. but my friend is crazy over them, maybe i will go teman her to see their concert… i prefer if 2pm comes here =) hehe

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