I’ve been busy lately with work (what else?) and for the past 2 weeks – JLPT 2.  Initially, I have planned to take L2 next year since I  know, in my heart, that I won’t be ready in time for this year. Yep, I passed Level 3 that I took last year 🙂 .

Unfortunately, things happened O_O . I was supposed to continue my usual Japanese lessons last mid-July (after waited for more than 1 month). But the teacher who are supposed to teach us have been re-assigned to teach JLPT 2 Preparatory Course ! So it’s either I wait for next year to resume my class (that would means 7+ months’ of waiting) or take this course and try the exam this year. I did ask them if I take this course, will I be able to jump 2 levels next year for my normal class, whether I pass or not the L2 exam. They said that I can, provided I pass that level’s test and there’s class available. So…

OH MY GOSH! I knew the course will be hard (for my level) but I couldn’t imagine this hard. Now, everyday, I have to study 4 type of grammar expression. Not to mention I have to start memorising those tons of Kanji… -__-” . Then every week, I have mini-grammar exam. Then mini-Kanji exam for every 2 weeks. Aiyoh…Im dying already!

Even so, I think I will take the exam this year – like a trial basis. If I pass, I will be very happy (but the probability now is ehm…lowvery low) .


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