Park Ji-Heon (VOS) is a dad

I still dont understand why he need to keep his marital status a secret… ehm…I always thought VOS is a talent group, compared to idol group like DBSK, SS501, etc.  Im sure their fans are mature enough to accept this kind of thing ~~

Park Ji-heon, a member of ballad trio V.O.S., made a surprise announcement that he has a four-year-old son from his long-time girlfriend. The leader of V.O.S. confessed to his marital status, because he no longer wanted keep his family a secret.

Park met his live-in girlfriend, Seo Myeong-seon, first as a pen pal 17 years ago. They were engaged to be married, but had to postpone the wedding because of Park’s musical debut. The couple started to live together after finding out that she was pregnant in October 2005. Then a baby boy was born in June 2006 and they named him Vitchan, which means “to sparkle brilliantly.” Park’s wife is currently pregnant with their second child. They plan to get married after she gives birth in late August.

Park says he couldn’t come right out and say that he already had a son, because he was afraid that the group’s popularity would plunge if the fans of V.O.S. found out that he has a wife and a son. But now he’s decided to disclose his family and vowed to become a proud and good father to his children.

Source: KBS World


One thought on “Park Ji-Heon (VOS) is a dad

  1. I heard it was because his contract with the former agency stated that he was not permitted to tell
    people about his child and girlfriend.
    If he would have announced that fact it could have been seen as a breach of contract.
    His new agency it seems supported him to tell the truth.
    It’s just sad, his firlfriend has been by his side for 17 years and he could not marry her or take care of his son properly.

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