[Vid] Old K.will’s chat

Phew! Finally uploaded this interview file. Been trying to upload it for a couple of days :/ .

This is not new but not that old, as in Jan/Feb this year. The interview was in Korean and English. Interviewee (aka K.will) answered in Korean and interviewer (host from KBS World) asked in English.

After watching this interview, I need to go and change his artist profile :/ thanks K.will for clarifying something ~~

Oh, he also demonstrated his beatbox skills here πŸ™‚

Source: KBS World


6 thoughts on “[Vid] Old K.will’s chat

  1. Oh~ such a coincident! I just saw her blog few days ago “http://kpopsarah.blogspot.com/2009/02/star-chat-kwill-ss501.html”. The exact date is January 23rd.

    • He has a new one for that very very popular drama (Lee Seung Gi’s), Brilliant Legacy, which is good O_O…I really need to get updated on his latest… 😦

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